Forex (Foreign Exchange Trading) is trading that aims to profit by buying and selling fluctuations in foreign currencies.
Global trading volume is increasing every year, with more than $ 6.6 trillion in transactions per day.
The reason for its increasing popularity is that you can trade at any time and anywhere, and you can trade large amounts with a small amount of collateral by utilizing leverage.
Forex is an attractive financial product that can increase assets efficiently.

6 Benefits of Trading with IS6FX

Leverage of 1,000 times

We offer the industry's highest level of 楽天MT4 leverage of 1,000 times.
The higher the leverage, the less money you need to start trading.

Uses zero cut system

Even if a sudden change in the market causes a loss of more than the margin, IS6FX will absorb the negative amount.Since there 楽天MT4 is no loss beyond the margin, you can trade with confidence.

Achieve stable contracting ability

By increasing the server processing capacity, we provide stable and fastest contracting ability.We aim to achieve zero contract refusal with collaboration 楽天MT4 楽天MT4 with numerous financial institutions

Extensive bonus campaigns

Weekly campaign to earn bonuses that can be used as margin.
By combining high leverage and bonuses, you can trade with low risk.

31 currency pairs

IS6FX offers 31 currency pairs.
We handle not only major currency pairs but also minor exotic currencies.

Uses MetaTrader4 (MT4)

We use "MetaTrader 楽天MT4 4", the most widely used trading platform in the world.You can trade from your PC, smartphone, or web browser with IS6FX.We provide a positive trading experience "quickly, anytime, anywhere".

IS6FX provides an environment where all traders, from beginners to advanced users, can use it comfortably with peace of mind.
In addition, we are constantly aiming to further improve our services to gain and cement trust from traders as well as exceed their expectations.

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IS6 Technologies Ltd is an international company founded in 楽天MT4 St. Vincent and the Grenadines. (Registration number: 26536 BC 2021)
This website is owned and operated by a company within the IS6 Global Group. The group includes the following companies:
IS6FX is a brand name 楽天MT4 owned by IS6 Global Group, and it is prohibited to divert or sell it without our permission.

IS6 Global Group
IS6 Technologies Ltd Registered address Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines(Registration number:26536 BC 2021)

Risk Warning: Trading leveraged commodities such as Forex and Derivatives poses significant risk to assets and may not be appropriate for all investors.
Before 楽天MT4 trading, make sure you fully understand the risks involved, take into account your investment objectives and experience, 楽天MT4 and seek personal advice as needed.
Regional Restrictions: IS6 Technologies Ltd doesn't provide services to residents of the United States, Canada, Philippines, Sudan, Syria and North Korea.
IS6FX is an overseas Forex brokerage company that isn't registered with the Ministry of Finance of Japan and the service offered in this 楽天MT4 site isn't intended for residents of Japan. Our service isn't intended for people under the age of 18.

MetaTrader 4 Trading Platform

The MetaTrader 4 trading platform is designed for Forex and futures trading. With MetaTrader 4, traders can analyze financial markets, perform advanced trading operations, run trading robots (Expert Advisors) and copy deals of other traders.

The MetaTrader 4 trading platform

Trading System

The MetaTrader 4 trading system

The platform supports three trade execution modes, including Instant Execution, as well 楽天MT4 as 2 market, 4 pending and 2 stop orders and a trailing stop function. Quick trading functions allow sending trading orders straight from the chart with one click. The built-in tick chart feature provides an accurate method for determining entry and exit points. With the rich functionality of MetaTrader 4 you can implement various trading strategies in the Forex market.

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis in MetaTrader 4

The MetaTrader 4 platform provides wide analytical opportunities. Each symbol can be displayed in 9 time-frames, allowing traders to see the price dynamics in detail. 30 built-in 楽天MT4 technical indicators and 24 graphic objects are available for the most comprehensive analysis of price dynamics. Combine these tools, identify trends, determine entry and exit points and with wide analytical capabilities of MetaTrader 4 you can thoroughly analyze market movements to catch the best time to trade.

MetaTrader 4 is equipped with an impressive set of advanced trading and analytical features

Security and Convenience

The MetaTrader 4 platform meets the highest security standards. Data exchange between the 楽天MT4 client terminal and the platform servers is encrypted. The platform additionally supports the use of RSA digital signatures. You can rest assured that your trading accounts are securely protected!

MetaTrader 4 is equipped with an impressive set of advanced trading and analytical features. The platform provides a user-friendly interface to help you easily 楽天MT4 understand all functions and operation principles. You will only need a few minutes to get started with the platform. In addition, we have prepared a detailed User Guide that contains answers to any questions you may have.

We have made MetaTrader 4 easy and convenient, so that you could stay focused on successful trading!


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【俺のMT4(店頭FX)取引に関する注意事項】 ※くりっく365の注意事項は[くりっく365]のページをご確認ください。
■店頭外国為替証拠金取引【俺のMT4】は金融商品取引法に規定される店頭デリバティブ取引です。■本取引は元本や利益を保証するものではなく、相場の変動等により損失が生ずる場合がございます。お取引にあたっては契約締結前交付書面及び約款を十分にご理解頂き、ご自身の責任と判断にてお願い致します。■証拠金必要額は各通貨のレートを基に、個人のお客様は最大お取引額の4%(レバレッジ25倍)、法人のお客様は通貨ペア毎に設定されており毎週1回見直されます。■レバレッジの効果により預託する証拠金の額以上の取引が可能となりますが、預託した証拠金の額を上回る損失が発生するおそれがございます。■各指標発表では価格変動により損失が生じる場合がございます。指標によっては突発的な大きな価格変動を伴うものがあり、証拠金以上の損失を被る可能性があります。またそれにより元本超過損が生じるおそれがございます。■取引手数料及び口座管理料は原則無料ですが、俺のEA使用可能グループを選択した場合は、別に定める取引手数料がかかります。 10億円を超えるお預入には年利0.24%の口座管理料がかかります。■スワップポイントは金利情勢等に応じて変化するため、受取又は支払の金額が変動したり、受け払いの方向が逆転する可能性がございます。■当社が提示する売付価格と買付価格には価格差(スプレッド)がございます。天災地変やテロ等の不測の事態、指標発表等により、スプレッドが拡大する場合があります。■お客様の約定結果による実質的なスプレッドは当社が表示している【俺のMT4】のスプレッドと必ずしも合致しない場合がございます。お客様が注文時に指定したレートと実際に約定するレートとに相違(スリッページ)が生じる場合があり、また、経済指標の発表などの際に、お客様からの注文が殺到することにより、注文が約定しづらくなる、あるいは約定しない場合があります。■お取引に際して、当社が広告で表示しているスプレッドを保証するものではありません。■ロスカットルールは、必ずしもお客様の損失を限定するものではなく、相場変動等により、預託した証拠金以上の損失が発生するおそれがございます。



約定確認を行わないダイレクトな取引(Non Last Look)を行うことが可能な「DMA方式」を採用



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